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Wills generally don't need to be notarized in order to be legally binding, however, they do require "credible" witnesses. Generally, it is recommended that the witnesses to the Will be “disinterested”, which means that they are not beneficiaries of the Will.

In Illinois, the signing of a Will by an interested witness does not invalidate the Will but the gift to the witness is void unless there are at least two disinterested witnesses to the Will.

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Not having credible witnesses sign your estate planning documents such as a will or trust could lead to potential problems when the said time comes to use such documents.


A will can be challenged if there is reason to believe its authenticity is questioned. Avoid such headaches by using the Illinois Notary Pros to credibly witness and sign your will or trust.
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We work with lawyers and attorneys frequently when a notary public signature is needed to legalize documents. Need a notary to visit your client at their house? No Problem, we travel all throughout Chicago, Cook County, McHenry, Lake, Kane, and DuPage.

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We understand a change to a will or trust is not made everyday. Use us as often and as needed to get your legal documents notarized quickly and efficiently.

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We have a team of notaries with flexible schedules throughout the counties we serve. Whether its a last minute, urgent call or need us to come out on a certain day, we can make it happen!

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In order for a will to be legal, it must be signed by a credible witness, preferably by one who is not a beneficiary. If you need additional witnesses to legalize your will or trust give Illinois Notary Pros a call.


We have extensive experience in notarizing estate documents  throughout Chicago and surrounding counties listed below. Don't waste time by driving and calling all over Cook County, We Are The Notary Pros.


We travel to your home, nursing home, hospital, wherever you need us!

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