Why Use A Mobile Notary Instead Of An On-Site Notary

Why Use A Mobile Notary

There are many places you can get your documents notarized now days. From banks to shipping centers like UPS, it seems many box stores are starting to provide notary services. However, there’s a catch!

What many don’t realize is not all “notaries” are the same. Places such as UPS and Staples cannot notarize certain documents such as mortgage documents, wills, trusts, power of attorney, among others because they do not have the credentials to do so.

So what ends up happening is you end up driving down to one of these places only to find out they cannot notarize your paper.

Now you are frustrated and wished you knew this before hand. So now what do you do?

You pull out your phone and start searching for a notary near me, hoping one is available nearby and is able to help you. If by chance you happen to find one nearby. Give them a call to make sure they are authorized to notarize you document first!

Now you have wasted time, gas and are frustrated beyond belief.

A mobile notary is more likely to notarize just about any document!

Mobile notaries provide services at your location and generally have all the credentials necessary to notarize just about any document. Using a mobile notary saves you time, gas, and the frustration you would have endured by trying to drive yourself to one of these locations mentioned above.

Here at Illinois Notary Pros, we do all the driving so you don’t have to. Most cases we meet with customers at nursing homes since they need a document notarized and their loved one is staying at a home. We have also driven to hospitals, law offices, coffee shops and to closings for a real estate sale.

So the question is, why run the risk of driving in traffic (especially in Chicago traffic) only to be disappointed they place cannot notarize what you need!

What Documents Can A Illinois Notary Pros Mobile Notary Notarize?

We are authorized to notarize the following:

  • Power of Attorney
  • Provide witnesses for Wills & Trusts
  • i9 Employment Verifications
  • Child Adoptions
  • Travel Consent Form (Passport)
  • Contracts
  • Certified Copies of Documents
  • Divorce Papers
  • Child Power of Attorney and many more!

So when you are in need of a notary, think twice about leaving the comfort of your home and consider using a mobile notary instead. The savings alone in gas and headache you might endure from other places will by far outweigh the fee they charge.

For notary services in or around Chicago, Cook County and surrounding counties, Illinois Notary Pros is the way to go!

Use our Find A Notary locator to find the nearest notary near you.

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